Attracting society’s brightest hearts and minds to swarm around a common vision, our institute is the catalytic engine that brings this vision to life. Merging personal development, leadership training, organisational design expertise and strategy, we custom design programs to help our members build community-based organisations.

Embedded with our core values, we apply our methodology to catalyze organizations that are designed to promote connection and regenerative impact. We train them in surrendered leadership, breakthrough dynamics and community facilitation while helping them integrate new legal, financial and governance structures that foster a new cultural paradigm of collaboratively designed community-based organisations. Our approach focuses on three areas; fostering authentic connection, attracting aligned resources and conscious organizational development.

Together, we will create the change we seek in the world.

We are currently offering memberships for residencies starting at $1500/month and multi-year timeshares starting at $10,000. Membership also includes access to group retreats, private excursions (like our upcoming sailing trip to the Komodo Islands) and member-only events as well as access to our curated network of shared resources and personalized connections to skilled labor and aligned investment capital to grow your community-based organisation.