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Hello there!

Thank you for your interest in becoming an investment partner in Pure. If you’re reading this, you are one of a chosen few receiving this unique opportunity. Our name says it all…with a pure intention to promote a common good in the world, we take our selection process for curating investment partners quite seriously.

We are currently building an institute in Bali to foster a culture of connection. Please peruse our website to learn more about our model. We will begin hosting retreats & residencies this fall and timeshares in spring 2020. Our intention is to open institutes on all seven continents by 2030.

We would love for you to be one of our investment partners.

We are seeking $2.5M in funding to build out our institute by curating a community of 25 active investment partners to help us root this vision in reality. Each partner will receive 4% of the profits until their initial investment is doubled. In addition, each partner be invited to stay in one of our private villas for three months; which can be used over multiple stays.

If this is something that resonates deeply within you and sparks your curiosity, please fill out the application below and we will be in touch shortly to set up a video call so that we may discuss this opportunity further.

Together, we will create the change we seek in the world.

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We give really nice gifts to anyone that refers investment partners to our community.
We believe that the success of any investment partnership begins with deep alignment on the intentions and expectations that drive the desire to collaborate. To this end, it is essential to be clear and transparent with your response. It's a perfect response to say that you want to make lots of money!
Let your imagination run wild here. Your ideas really matter and will become the foundation of a successful partnership.
At Pure, we have a policy of only working with friends. Call us crazy...it's ok...we are. Getting to know you and what lights you up is the seed upon which a nourishing relationship is built.