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Hello there!

If you’re reading this, you are one of a chosen few receiving this unique opportunity. Our name says it all…with a pure intention to promote a common good in the world, we take our selection process for curating founding members quite seriously. Our process for building a nurturing community begins with building coherence around a shared vision and attracting an aligned community of individuals.

We would love for you to be one of our founding members.

We are currently building an institute in Bali to foster a culture of connection. We will begin hosting retreats & residencies this fall and timeshares in spring 2020. Our intention is to open institutes on all seven continents by 2030.

We are currently offering memberships for residencies starting at $1500/month and multi-year timeshares starting at $10,000. Membership also includes access to group retreats, private excursions (like our upcoming sailing trip to the Komodo Islands) as well as access to our curated network of shared resources and personalized connections to skilled labor and aligned investment capital to grow your community-based organisation.

If this is something that resonates deeply within you and sparks your curiosity, please fill out the application below and we will be in touch shortly to set up a video call so that we may discuss this opportunity further.

Together, we will create the change we seek in the world.

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We give really nice gifts to anyone that refers new members to our community.
We have many surprises in store for you and your answers will be used as fodder for a magical journey together. Get excited. And please put your heart and soul into answering these questions.
This is probably the most important question of all. The measurement of our success is based upon you feeling valued and nourished by this experience together. Please be as clear and audacious as you desire.