Our organizational development programs offer entrepreneurs an understanding of the transformative power of authentic human connection and surrendered leadership in fostering a vibrant and productive organizational culture. Our aim is that these trainings will empower participants to integrate these qualities into their daily interactions, leading to the creation of conscious organizations that thrive in the face of adversity. By balancing emotional intelligence and embodied learning with systemic solutions, our methodology offers changemakers skills in the following: Nonviolent Communication, Authentic Relating, Trauma Release, Embodied Learning, Flat Organizational Design and other co-creative tools and practices.

Our team of experience designers, transformational business coaches and mindfulness facilitators will offer you opportunities for raised awareness and experiences that will lead to an understanding of the power of physical connection, trust, communication, humility and vulnerability. Using methodologies such as the Switch On Way, reWork’s Psychological Safety and IDEO’s Human Centered Design, we enable businesses to unlock the power of transformation in their products, processes, and people, whether through digital transformation, disruptive innovation, or systemic change.

This program is held seasonally and has a maximum capacity of 25 people per training. Completion of this program grants you membership into the Pure network, offering access to our curated network of shared resources, skilled labor, aligned investment capital, our retreat centers, private gatherings and much more.

Our application and interview process is a crucial part of the curation of the Pure membership. Our team will review each application in-depth to assess alignment with our community. To be sure that you align with our values, please read our about page. Our team will respond to you within two weeks of your submission.

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